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Barefoot Massage

Sarga Barefoot Massage

Sarga is a method of barefoot massage where the therapist uses their feet as a tool to provide a slow myofascial technique. A Sarga strap is fastened to a massage table that is either on the floor or a raised table. This Sarga strap is used by the therapist to provide a push-pull tensegrity force which is delivered to the recipient's body.

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

Ashiatsu Massage - Ashi = foot; atsu = pressure. A form of barefoot massage inspired by Eastern techniques. It is a deep tissue massage with out the discomfort. This form of massage is done on a massage table as the massage therapist utilizes over head parallel bars to apply slow deep pressure with their feet.

Ashi-Thai Massage is a fully clothed table massage that incorporates range of motion and stretching much like mat-based massage but on the raised table and utilizing the overhead bars.

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