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5 Tips to Prevent Shoulder Injuries

Did you know that shoulder injuries are one of the most common injuries seen in an orthopedic practice? If you play a sport, exercise, or have a job that requires repetitive overhead motions you’re at a higher risk of shoulder injury. Here are 5 tips to avoid shoulder injuries.

Check your posture

While good posture is important for the health and proper movement of your neck and back, it’s also important for your shoulder health. When you slouch, you’re not just pulling the whole joints forward as you round your back, but also rotating them in. This puts extra strain through several of the structure through the shoulder that, over time, can lead to abnormal patterns of movement, making you more prone to injury.

Always warm up

This seems like a no brainer, but so many ignore this important step in their workout routine. But warmups aren’t just for workouts. If you have a physically demanding job, don’t skip this step. If you’re going to be doing some activity that you’re not used to, take the time to warm up to lower your risk of injury. Do a few shoulder stretches and prepare your shoulders and arms by doing targeted warm-up exercises. It improves circulation, eliminates joint stiffness, and prepares your muscles for the movements ahead.

Strengthen your shoulders

There are many shoulder injuries caused by weaknesses in specific muscles. Strengthening them can help you avoid injury. Performing front and lateral dumbbell raises are great for shoulder strengthening. Jumping jacks, arm circles, and resisted rotation exercises are great as well. Just make sure you’re using the right form to get the most from any exercise.

Avoid carrying heavy objects

Let’s face it, when stuff needs to get done, it needs to get done. We’re often impatient when it comes to relying on others for help. However, trying to go into beast mode to take care of something by yourself is asking for an injury. You have nothing to prove to yourself or anybody else. Ask for help, use levers, pulleys, or wheels to move items you can’t carry on your own.

Eat healthy foods

Calcium-rich foods like milk, kale, sardines, yogurt, broccoli, cheese, and almonds aid in your bone health. High-protein diets aid in muscle health. Find balance between the two to make sure you’re fueling your body properly while helping to prevent injury.

You use your shoulders more in everyday movements than you realize. Add a sport, hobby, or job that requires extended use of your shoulders and you have a recipe for injury if you’re not taking the proper steps to prevent it. Use these tips to protect yourself!

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